CDL Traffic Ticket Division

CDL Traffic ticket in Texas?
We can help you fight back.

Even the safest of drivers know that sometimes, tickets happen. Everyone who has ever received a ticket knows you don’t have to be guilty to be charged.

You’re at risk every time you hit the road

As a truck driver, you place your livelihood at risk every time you head to work. If you get a ticket, you risk your career and your livelihood. Don’t put your professional life on the line.

Do not let the Fines and Penalties Destroy your Career or impact your Life

Texas has a multitude of police officers on the roadways at any given time and when an officer observes a traffic violation being committed they are required to pull a vehicle over and provide the driver of the vehicle with a traffic ticket.

Do not pay your Texas CDL Traffic Ticket until after you have contacted us for a free consultation regarding your options.

Common traffic tickets administered to individuals are for the following violations:
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The state’s point system can quickly lead to losing your ability to drive legally if you have had a number of citations on your driving record, as well as creating higher costs of insurance, fines and other problems. Taking action to fight back could allow you to avoid all these problems.

Stay protected, be proactive

Don’t hit the road without knowing someone has your back when it comes to citations.